6 thoughts on “Do Students Care About ASPSU?

  1. Students should care about ASPSU. ASPSU is supposed to be the voice for the collective student body on campus. It is sad that many of the students do not even know the purposes behind ASPSU. I believe that ASPSU could be a viable source for every student to ensure that the student’s, as a whole, are getting their collective voice heard.

    Active communication is key for ASPSU to function on campus. This communication needs to happen between the students and ASPSU, within the various bodies of ASPSU, and between ASPSU and the PSU Administration. If communication were increased and students realized the impact of a collective voice then many of the issues that pertain to individual students could be addressed.

    Additionally students should be concerned because ASPSU (the SFC in particular) has control over how student fees are spent and will have an increased voice in the tuition setting committee if the restructuring bill makes it through the state legislature. As students are increasingly shouldering the burden of their higher education, I believe that these two issues in particular would induce students to find out more about ASPSU and provide their individual input.

    Less than 5% of the student body have participated in this year’s elections. This is the time for students to start showing their concern about next year’s student government. This concern cannot end with elections. Students need to play an active role in the university whether it is just attending the various meetings held by ASPSU so that they can see how their student government functions, volunteer for one of the many boards on campus that require student representation, or just engage in dialogue and discourse with other students about issues that are of their individual concern.

  2. I see Linneas Boland-Godbey in the park blocks daily working his magic and spreading the good word of student government. Also, dude, your name is insanely cool, “Linneas Boland-Godbey.” Wow, that just rolls off the tongue.

    1. Students should definitely pay attention to ASPSU since they have a say in 14 million dollars worth of student fees ( don’t quote me on that figure, I got it from the guy on the video ).

      My problem with ASPSU is that they are constantly looking for more ways to raise money. At first glance, this is a good thing. But when you think about it, who are they asking for money from? Most likely the taxpayers who are already footing an enormously burdensom bill by our leftist leaders. The APSU should look in to ways to run this school more efficiently.

      Why are tutors getting paid $10.50 an hour for a job that is hardly worth minimum wage? Half the time, the tutors are doing their own homework ( I witnessed this ). I pay my painters for my business $9.00 per hour, a competitive wage in the business, and they work their butt off.

      Why do the toilets flush four times when I’m taking a wiz? Is this really saving water? Not to mention the batteries that have to be replaced in the sensor (MHCC had this problem too).

      Just because this is a state institution doesn’t mean we don’t have to keep an eye on our financials. The taxpayer should be able to trust our government to spend its money efficiently. It should be a responsibility of ASPSU to ensure that the school does its part.

  3. Most don’t know what ASPSU is unless they where part of a student government else where. I see that this student government has so much more money then ASPCC as I was involved with that Student’s Government. To get involved with ASPSU you have to be one of the favorites of the elected people. This organization is very discriminating and unless your young, beautiful, hot, or friends with the right person you will never get involved they will just ignore you. I tried twice and got no responce, I am not surprised this is “Discrimination Central” you know.

  4. I just now started caring about aspsu because I heard that they were trying to boycott Israel??! Unacceptable. If this negative behavior continues I intended on alerting parents about this negative attitude toward the Jewish population and students on campus as a safety hazard. There will be reprocusions.

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