Weekend Courses at PSU

For all those seniors who need less than four credits to graduate, taking a weekend course is a good option. A lot of students think it requires them to attend class every weekend, but it’s really only three days of class for two credits. It’s a pretty good deal since not much work is required in those three days. Instead there’s usually a paper or project that’s due at the end of the term. All in all, it’s an option than entails having to add an extra assignment during finals week.

However, this can take a toll on students. Taking a weekend course connects two weeks of nonstop school. Not having a break in between can add stress, especially if the course happens to be scheduled the weekend before midterms. Time management is of the essence when it comes to taking weekend courses, but it can also be very convenient. PSU has a very diverse population of students. Many students here have children, full-time jobs, and other tasks that narrow down their time availability. Having weekend courses available at PSU gives those students more options and opportunities to receive credits and get one step closer to graduating.

I think that if you’re willing to sacrifice your social life for one weekend, than it’s definitely worth taking. I’ve taken two weekend courses so far and both have been good experiences. Because time was so limited, the professors tried to get as much out of it as they could and made each minute count. Overall I think it’s great that our university takes the diversity of students attending this school into consideration and in turn offers classes that can work around their schedules.

What are your experiences in taking weekend courses?