Reflecting on My PSU Experience Upon Graduation

Me giving my graduation speech to family and friends Saturday night.

Last week, I attended my final class at PSU.  It was a bittersweet moment because I have enjoyed attending PSU for so many years, but at the same time, I felt like I shed 10 pounds off my back as I walked out of Neuberger Hall for the last time. 

Because PSU is an urban college, there is much diversity among the students.  As we all attended classes together and shared our thoughts in class discussions, it didn’t take long to realize that although we were different, we were also very much the same.  We all have feelings, opinions, and difficulties.  We all laugh with joy and scream with frustration.

Not only does attending an urban college offer diversity, it also offers easy public transportation commutes, many restaurant choices, and a strong sense of community.  I could easily hop on MAX in the morning, attend class, workout at the Rec Center, and hit Blue Fin Sushi for lunch (my favorite place to eat on campus) before heading home.  Besides walking away with the four PSU foundational values – diversity, social responsibility, communication, and critical thinking – ingrained in my brain, I leave PSU proud to say that I attended Portland State, a progressive college that just happens to be located in my hometown.

Overall, my experience at PSU has made me a better person.  I am more than just educated; I am more tolerant and contemporary, understanding and persistent.  I walked into this endeavor believing I was smart, and now I walk away realizing just how little I know.  There is one thing I do know; my degree is not the end for me.  I will never stop learning. 

Once I return from a well-deserved vacation to Lake Shasta, CA, I will hit the streets looking for the perfect job in the field of communication and writing (PR, Marketing).  I am excited for this new chapter in my life, and I hope to see some of my fellow classmates out there in the working world of Portland, Oregon. 

Are you graduating this June?  Tell me about your experience at PSU and your future plans!

2 thoughts on “Reflecting on My PSU Experience Upon Graduation

  1. I can completely relate. I think PSU is really underrated because my experience attending this university has been so unique and incredible. When I started at PSU, my mentality towards sustainability is nothing like it was. Thanks to my professors, now I have my own vegetable garden, make my own compost, and try to recycle everything! I can’t imagine living any other way! I too have loved the diversity. I have worked in groups with people of different ages, races, and ethnic backgrounds and it has been so rewarding. I have learned about some of my favorite food carts and restaurants in Portland that way! I have loved going to happy hour at the various ‘spots’ around campus with classmates to unwind before heading home!

    I am proud to be graduating, but I can’t help but be somewhat sad that I won’t be at campus weekly. I have loved my time at PSU and I think it is one of the best-kept secret universities in the US!

    After taking some time off, I hope to be involved with my local police departments and volunteer groups that help youth at risk for gang involvement in my area. Maybe one day in the future I will return to PSU for my Master’s, but no plans as of yet.

    I am glad that other people share my PSU pride!

    1. Awesome Courtney! Thanks for sharing. I love to hear the stories of other students’ positive memories of PSU. Congrats on your graduation, and good luck!

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