Summer School @ PSU

Summer’s in session and Portland is starting to get its first peek of real sunshine as students begin to make good use of PSU’s Park Blocks. To my surprise, while most campuses are typically dead during the summer, ours holds about 14,500 students with 2,300 of them being international visitors. By the amount of student traffic we have, it sure seems to be just another term at PSU.

From learning how to Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety, to getting in shape with Zumba, PSU offers a variety of fun and interesting courses during the summer. Students can also take advantage of the shortened term to catch up on some credits or take weekend classes to clear their week for fun summer activities. Another perk of taking summer classes is that you get access to the Student Rec Center. Students are sure to enjoy diving into the pool or shooting some hoops at PSU’s summer hotspot. However, if you’re eager to step out of Portland and explore the world, summer also makes a great time and opportunity to study abroad.

For those staying on or near campus, there’s sure to be workshops, seminars, and events that students are welcome to attend. The Park Blocks frequently provide musical entertainment and events during the summer. As clear skies stay and warmer days lie ahead, the PSU Farmer’s Market is sure to be a target for strolling students. It’s a great way to support local farms and stay healthy. As a summer student myself, I’m enjoying my time at PSU. I always dreaded the thought of being in school over the summer, but I’m quickly realizing how much more enjoyable it is to be on campus without an umbrella. The sun is out, classes are short, and we’re in downtown Portland. If you take a look around, you’ll be sure to find something to do or somewhere to go in your spare time from class.

What are your summer school experiences at PSU?





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