When was your first time?

For many students, their first college experience can start as early as second grade. PSU is home to many summer courses and camps provided by a variety of educational programs, like the Saturday Academy. This program, available for students in grades 2-12, offers many project-oriented courses at our campus. They have an Animal Observation and Photography camp where students observe and photograph wild wolves and birds in their natural habitat. They also offer a Game Programming Academy where students will be sure to enjoy designing their very own video games.

As I take classes and work at PSU during the summer, I am realizing how much is still going on at our campus. Educational programs, like the SA, fill our campus with a diversity of students. For many of them, it’s their first time on a college campus. It’s a glimpse at college life after they graduate from high school and enroll at a university. These summer camps and workshops really have the ability to influence these students.

My first college experience took place at UCLA when I was in eighth grade. I attended a middle school in southern California, and some parents thought it would be a good idea to have the graduating class take a tour of a local university in order to encourage us to attend college after high school. I can honestly say it was the most fulfilling field trip I had taken. It gave me a preview of what college life looked like and what that school had to offer. This experience also gave me the opportunity to compare colleges in order to make the best decision for myself. Overall, I think the college exposure children are getting with these educational programs, like the SA, may persuade them to pursue a career in the future or choose a specific university.

What was your first college experience like?






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