Summer commencement a laid-back scene

Family, friends and professors attended the 2011 Summer Commencement Ceremony this month to support the graduating class. This was my first time attending a PSU summer graduation. I had attended the spring ceremony and witnessed the mass of people there. Summer commencement at the Park Blocks was a completely different story. Although the number of graduating students is on the rise, I still found it to be a more personal experience.

The Park Blocks are the perfect location for the event. The outdoor venue allows for a more casual and relaxed environment. The weather was also decent that day, which is always a gamble in Oregon, even in the summer. For those who were unable to sit or stand at the park, the ballroom in Smith was nicely set up with a large screen that captured the ceremony and the balcony was open to those wanting to get an aerial view of the graduation.

I also thought it was cool that the PSU Farmers Market was running during the ceremony. It just added to the laid-back feel of the whole ceremony; people munching on wild berries and homemade goods while waiting for their kid’s name to be announced. Overall, the ceremony was short and sweet. By the end, I was convinced that graduating in the summer was the right fit for me. It was a fun experience, and I look forward to my own graduation next summer.

Did you attend the 2011 summer graduation ceremony? What was you experience like?





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