Be brave and adventurous

Photo by Vu Tran

How long have you lived in Portland?  How familiar are you with the city? Recently I talked with several people who came from out of state or different countries. I realized that although they moved to here about the same time, they have different experiences. It reminded me when I came to Portland. I remember that I was hanging out with friends only in downtown for a week. Then we visited the 23rd uptown NW area, Pearl District, Washington Square mall, Lloyd Center and Beaverton Town Center by using public transportation.  It took six weeks to explore these sites.  The reason that I was so passionate was that I liked to go shopping, and most of items are cheaper than in Korea. Through this experience, I have learned much about Portland, made many friends, and experienced American cultures.


I would like to share several tips for your adventure:

∙ Use resources such as Internet searches, brochures, newspapers and magazine

∙ Go with your classmates or friends who have lived Portland for a while

∙ Make a theme that you are interested in such as coffee, arts, food, beer, or shopping

∙ Carry change when you take a bus because you can’t get change when you are boarding in the bus

∙ Make sure you have directions before you board Trimet. You can get them from Google maps or MapQuest online


Do you have any tips that you want to share about getting around?





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