Are you Angry about the FAFSA?

You know what really makes me mad? The fact that I have to put down my parents’ income every year on my FAFSA.  As a student who works up to four jobs at a time to pay for school and does not receive help for paying my school costs, this seems incredibly unfair.

I know many of you feel the same way that I do. From not being able to report our own tuition and school costs on our tax forms, due to being listed as dependents, to not receiving a well-deserved Pell Grant because the government decides that our parents  should be giving us thousands of dollars each year, I have to say that I am tired of a broken system!

I am about to start my next round of taxes for the upcoming year and I am already dreading the results. Isn’t it time that students get to report what is actually being paid for their tuition costs instead of reporting what some higher power thinks should be happening? I am tired of being penalized for the money I make and having nothing in the bank to show for it at the end of the term.

What are your thoughts and how do you deal with the “FAFSA nightmare”?





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