Are we adults?

A lot of us enter college at a young 18, with our lives planned out, thinking we know everything. As a senior, I feel I’ve grown a lot as a person throughout my college years, but still have a hard time defining myself as an “adult.” Legally, you are eligible to vote, out of high school, and are no longer bound to your parents. Yet, how many of us feel like we are adults?

As someone who spends her Friday nights drinking Capri Sun while watching movies on ABC Family, it’s a difficult question. I just learned how to do laundry last year, I’ve never done groceries, and unless microwaving is considered cooking, I can’t do that either. These are just basic 101 things one needs to know in order to survive. What comes to mind when I think of an adult is paying a mortgage, bills, mowing the lawn (I’ve never even touched a lawn mower), cooking and having a full-time job. However, I’ve done none of those things to date. Everyone has a different opinion on what makes someone an adult. I know people under 18 that act like adults and people over 25 that act like children. So what make us adults? Do you consider yourself as an adult?





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