Reading for fun!

I simply love reading! I discovered that I loved reading when I was very young. Although I did not have many books at home, especially ones appropriate to my age, I read whatever I could find. I remember being in middle school when I came across an old book, Hamlet by Shakespeare. I finished that book in one night; however, I wish I had not done so, because I used to have nightmares about Hamlet’s ghost. But still, that did not stop me, and Shakespeare became my favorite author and classical drama my favorite genre.

As I grew older, I got into novels, both by Albanian and foreign writers, but very soon I lost interest in them. I just did not see the point in all that; it became my belief that if it was not going to teach me anything, why would I waste my time on it, even if I was reading for fun. As a result, I went back to the classics of Shakespeare, Homer, and the Arabian Nights. I still remember those stories.

When I came to the States, I admired people who were constantly reading. Some read while in the bus on their way to work, others while working, watching TV or even jogging (although I did not understand how the last two worked because one of them seemed futile and the other could get the person killed). However, looking at people’s books, I realized that what many of them were reading was romance; so many times I have caught myself thinking “what a waste of time!” But now instead of looking at what others are reading, I have learned to “mind my own business,” I take my book out and start reading. I have found that to be much more productive, that is for sure.

It would be interesting to know what most PSU students like read for fun!

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  1. This is very interesting. I red a lot of English literature,but not for Shakespeare. I read a lot of novels for my favorite English writer, Charles Dickens. I read many poems for John Keats and William Black. Now I read a wide variety of material. In short, anything that I find interesting.
    thanks a lot for this

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