25 points

I just finished taking a physics exam and it seemed way too easy. This means one of two things: I nailed it, or I totally failed.

I can’t stop thinking about the last problem. The description was four sentences long with “25 points” at the end followed by a vast expanse of blank, white paper waiting to be filled with complex formulas and calculations. The trouble is that this particular problem doesn’t have a complex solution. I recognized it immediately from the suggested homework problems and knew I could solve it in one step with a single elegant formula.

I read the problem again making sure I haven’t missed anything. Nope. I start writing everything about the problem that I can think of without solving it to show that I understand the concept. I read the problem again. Still not missing anything. I’m starting to panic and I’m filled with self-doubt. 25 points?! Stalling, I go back and look through the rest of the exam and check my work. This takes me less than 10 minutes and I’m back to staring at that huge white space on the back page. Finally, with a sigh, I write down the formula and solve the problem.

I won’t know for sure how I did until Tuesday, so for now I have to put it out of my mind and enjoy the weekend.