Time to Travel

I have been to many states on the west side, from Idaho to Colorado, from desserts to ever green forests. It has been a long time since I have traveled, however when I did, I traveled with my family by car. My last trip was going to Mexico three years ago. This year broke my streak.

Just not long ago I went to Phoenix with my girlfriend to visit my family from my mother’s side. Coincidentally I had not been to Phoenix in 3 years as well. It was great to see all my cousins, aunts, uncles, and even my grandparents who were visiting from Mexico for a very short time. I had not seen them since I was 18. The heat was intense, but I managed to keep my cool. However, I did get sun burn for the first time in my life, but not in Phoenix.

San Francisco is known to be fresh and even cold during the summer. I was relieved to hear this when I traveled to California for an action/graduation for DREAMERS in June. San Francisco had clear blue skies, sunny days, but with cool breezes to compliment it. The action was held outside in front of the Capital building for quiet sometime. When I came back to Portland, I noticed my skin was pretty red and was starting to peel.

This year has been a great surprise for me, I am traveling again. I was certain that during my time at PSU I wouldn’t be able to travel. But time has shown otherwise and I am looking toward traveling more before the end of this year.


3 thoughts on “Time to Travel

  1. I am a lifelong resident of the Pacific NW now living just across the river in Washougal. I attend PSU now, retiring early, to “finally” attain that BA degree that eluded me all those many years ago when I left PSU in 1980 to help raise a family. I have found that my world-wide travels, some in the military and more on my own, have enriched my life more than anything I can think of. To see America, my homeland, but through the eyes of others from other places in our world–has caused me to both appreciate but also understand what my country means to me. I only wish more Americans would take some time, travel out of the country, to realize what we have here and how wonderful other countries and peoples are.

  2. I believe education is a long life pursuit. It is in my mind, a form of gaining knowledge and growing as a person. Traveling, especially to other countries, has a dramatic impact on our perspective of America and ourselves. It is another form of gaining knowledge, if you will. I agree with you that people, in general, should travel more. It’s a great way to open up one’s mind and curiosity. While may not have my own family right now, I do wish that later on I will be able to travel with them to other countries.

    1. I agree with you Mario and appreciate your response. Travel and to have the capability to learn more of the world and its peoples…is crucial for all human beings. I only wish more people could do this but with the advent of the Internet…I think the world will become “smaller”.

      Good luck to you and your family in all you pursue.

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