I’m adaptable

It’s taken me until my senior year to realize that I am adaptable.  Over the past four years, I’ve gotten very high strung when I have a number of stressful things pile up all at once, which makes me unpleasant. I remember during the summer term of 2011, I had to take three online classes to make up for lost time in spring term, look for another job since I had to reluctantly leave mine for personal reasons, register for PSU, and do some maintenance to my bedroom after I discovered there were serious mold problems. On top of that, I had a lot of drama going on with my friends; I was practically driven to my breaking point to where I was fighting with everyone from my parents to my school counselor because I couldn’t take any more stress. This term, I have a lot of stressful things happening – I’m struggling in all of my classes right now and have to retake a couple of tests and write an extra credit paper to get my grades back up, I have to figure out what I want to do with my living situation in the next couple of months between staying with my brother, moving back in with my parents, or moving downtown, I’ve had to go through a rather lengthy process to get an appointment with my counselor, I’m struggling with money every month due to low income, and I’ve now fought off two colds in the last month. I wonder, how is this different from summer 2011? I’m more laid back about all of it. Not really an, “I don’t care,” feeling, but more of a, “I’m used to it,” feeling. I guess that’s what college is all about — adapting into the real world.

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