Freshman Gain is Sophomore Loss

After living in the dorms last year at PSU, I’ve learned far too much about myself in terms of eating. I remember the first time I walked into Victor’s, (PSU’s mandatory dining hall for on campus freshman) for the first time. My eyes filled with wonder at all the options! I felt no shame eating burgers for lunch or just fries for dinner if my heart desired. They always had a plethora of pasta to give, and a frozen yogurt machine to satisfy the sweet tooth.

After fall term of freshman year, I remember seeing I had gained five pounds. An extra five came with winter term. And who would have suspected? The same happened in the spring.

“I can’t believe I actually gained the Freshman 15!” I was absolutely shocked that I, a previous cross country runner and hurdler in high school, had gained that much weight in 9 months.

That is why this summer and this school year I decided to start taking care of my body. I saw students all around me eating only French toast with bacon for breakfast, pizza and fries for dinner. I decided my body could no longer partake in that lifestyle, so I’ve made a change.

The speeds of our spectacular metabolisms are starting to slow down, and if you don’t love working out, your motivation is going to run even slower. That is why I strongly suggest eating food that makes your body feel good and finding classes at the Rec Center to try out! Little did I know Zumba would be one of my greatest loves, until I finally tried it out.  It’s incredibly engaging and active. I find myself wanting to actually throw on those gym shoes and head to class. Best of all, it’s FREE along with many other classes!

Today I can say, “Hello sophomore negative 15. I have greeted you happily with open arms” because I finally have found a place where my body feels healthy and happy.





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