“Where should I go for lunch?”

It’s the eternal question of 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. You’ve decided to go out to lunch—but where? Sometimes it seems like the longer I’ve been here and the more options I’ve tried, the harder it gets. But having spent money at nearly every business within a few square miles of PSU, I’ve got some answers:


  1.  Loco Loco’s Burritos (1728 S.W. Broadway) – My longtime favorite place on campus. Located down a perhaps overlooked stairwell next to Parking Structure 2, they serve large portion, real Mexican restaurant style food at a reasonable price. Bonus is the atmosphere, which is relaxed and homey.
  2. East Side Deli (1438 S.W. Park Ave.) – Featuring massive sandwiches with vegan options, they have all the deli flourishes like fancy sauces and cheeses at decent prices. They even serve beer.
  3. Hot Lips (1909 S.W. 6th Ave.) – My favorite of the pizza places on campus. Don’t expect a massive meal, but they’ve got those great pizza slices with odd toppings like potatoes.
  4. Asian Noodle (In front of the library) – Sometimes you need some food quick. This place is delicious, relatively healthy, and there is rarely much of a line. I’ve never been disappointed by their nice plates of protein, vegetables and rice.
  5. Bring your own lunch (Your house) – Whoops! Sometimes I forget this is an option too.

Where do you like to eat lunch PSU?