A Place of Global Connections

The thing about college is, it’s not all about college. There is just so much more going on, especially if you are in a place like Portland State. You can explore college life and go to a wide range of events put together by students, if you are not too busy with school, of course. But more importantly you get to meet people that you never thought you would, people from all corners of the world, and that, I think, is what makes college an enriched experience.

For most Global Connectionsof my life, I have been more of an introvert. Nothing wrong with introverts, of course, but I have had a hard time connecting with people until I started going to college. After taking some classes, I somehow grew out of that introversion; I just had to, without even noticing it. Slowly I began making more connections and making new friends, and I do not mean just Facebook friends. Life in college opened up new doors for me, doors that I had never really knocked on or meant to open.

I had lots of connections before coming to PSU, but once I started attending PSU, my connections became more global, and that, I think, is very important in this day and age, especially for some of us who do not get to travel the world as much as we want. Today, we might make a connection and a friend, but tomorrow that connection could lead to a new career—you never know—it could be a career and a future that you only dreamt of! So make connections while you are at PSU.





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