Hello, Heart? It’s me again.

t_460x0_gay_couplesWinter Break came and went, and for some of us it brought change moving into new apartments, getting pets, graduating from school, or passing or failing classes. For me, it was meeting someone new. This brings with it a challenge of balancing school and personal life – something which is always difficult for me.

I had recently given up on dating, having had a string of bad luck with flaky guys or just plain weird fellas. But it seems the old proverb about when you stop looking, you find what you are looking for, seems to be true. We even met in the weirdest and best possible way: through a friend, due to a flat tire of all things. For me, the chance encounter after being frustrated for so long has been a breath of fresh air, and one I feel I am ready to embrace.

Winter term arrived and brought with it a possibility of love! I am excited, and eager to take the steps with my guy. Next up, another date… My question for you readers out there: how do you balance school life, work, and your special someone?

2 thoughts on “Hello, Heart? It’s me again.

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