Why you should look into a graduate program at PSU

Ever since I got accepted to do my MA at PSU, I have been hoping to get into a PhD program at PSU as well. I know many prefer to move to a different school once done with one degree, and that can be a good idea for the sake of getting a broader experience. But PSU and Portland already offer a fairly broad and diverse experience, in my opinion, and I speak from personal experience. Plus, this school is one full of new doors to great opportunities.

ImageAs far as I am concerned, at PSU I found the program I always wanted to study: Conflict Resolution. During my first year of study, I received a scholarship from PSU, and the following year, I received the assistantship of my dreams as a University Studies mentor. And not only did I have a great time with my mentees, I also received tuition assistance and got a great teaching experience out of it—an experience that I proudly present in my resume and applications.

For those who did not know, Portland State University currently offers 18 doctoral programs, more than 70 master’s programs, and over 35 graduate certificate programs. If you are not sure what is offered or where to start, check out the Graduate Degree Programs page, and you might find exactly what you were hoping for: http://www.pdx.edu/ogs/degrees





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