Do SINQs stink?

As a second-year, non-transfer student, I am required to take the sophomore inquiry courses here at PSU. I have heard both the positives and negatives of the University Studies requirements. Students in the program are required to take a year-long freshman inquiry (FRINQ) on themes ranging from Race and Social Justice to Design & Society ( Then, as a sophomore, you have to take three separately-themed inquiry classes (SINQ) and choose one theme for your junior cluster courses.


Personally, I have enjoyed both the freshman and sophomore inquiries. It has let me take classes outside of my realm and major/minor. As a freshman, I enrolled into the Sustainability FRINQ taught by Dr. Betty Izumi. I was mind blown and intrigued by it because what I learned what something I could relate to—living in Portland. Now as a sophomore, one SINQ I have taken is the Genders and Sexualities, where concepts and issues I’m learning are totally different from my business classes. I look forward to these interesting courses because it spices up my schedule, aside from the courses I’m taking to fulfill my major requirements.

What are your thoughts and/or experiences about the University Studies requirements?

Here is the site to our education requirements: