My mother is coming

During the three years I have lived in the U.S., I have never had my family come to visit. This is not only because all of my family members have full-time jobs and busy lives, but also because the cities I have lived in were not so attractive to them. But since my graduation is getting closer, my mother decided to visit me. Before I moved here, she didn’t have any idea how Oregon looked, and she had never even heard of Portland.

Now, my mother is  interested in most forms of art, such as literature, butoh (dance), visual art, and music. She has been to many exhibitions and shows in Tokyo where she lives. When she asked me what kind of performance art or butoh she could see in Portland, and what kind of visual art museums and galleries we have here, I was not sure how I should answer.

As an art graduate student, I am pretty familiar with the art scene here, and of course, I could take her several places. But at the same time, I was worried that she would expect an art scene like NYC. However, after talking with her on the phone, I realized that she was just interested in seeing my studio on campus, my artwork, and the local art scene, which supported my art practice over the last two years. She wants to meet my fellow students and the teachers who I am studying with. I feel more comfortable now, and at the same time, it’s fun to think about what we can do together in this foreign country.