Bringing Cultural Understanding

Did you know that international students from Portland State are sharing their cultures with inquisitive audiences throughout Oregon?

I went to a care home for the elderly and talked to them about Japanese culture. I also spoke about my life in Japan with 500 middle- and high school-age students, and I went to a summer camp to provide a workshop on origami and papermaking.

I did this as a member of the International Cultural Service Program (ICSP) at PSU. The ICSP is a scholarship program for international students dedicated to promoting the recognition of commonalities and appreciation of differences through firsthand knowledge and experience.

ICSP participants take great pride in representing their countries and cultures. You can invite an ICSP member as a speakers/presenters for your organization. (

My experiences as an ICSP speaker were remarkable and will be one of the most wonderful memories that I take back with me to Japan.





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