Farmers and free food on Friday night

I was just trying to get some free food, but then I accidently learned about some pressing global issues. It’s the eternal experience of leaving the house: while trying to do one thing, another thing happens instead.

The event went down during Farm Worker awareness week, a series of discussions and events centered around our region’s campesinos, or migrant farm workers. A catered meal was advertised along with a panel discussion of union leaders. A friend and I thought it would be a pretty good evening to grab a free dinner and check out the event.

It turns out that life for a campesino is really rough. Migrant farmworkers are


working all day and still far below federal poverty levels. The United States government won’t provide the same rights for agricultural workers as everyone else for a variety of reasons.

After the discussion it was time to eat, but it came with a twist: one of the union organizers joined us at our table. I think there are a lot of ugly realities under modern life, and I’m always really refreshed when I meet people like these union leaders who are working on the issues while staying positive and solutions-oriented.

And we learned while participating in one of the simplest and best community rituals of all: sharing a free meal.