Swamped—Know The Feeling?

Ironically, college gives me no time to read on my own terms.

Walking into the library for the first time, I was flabbergasted. So many books, so many authors, so little time! There seems to be literally millions of titles—and not just books, but maps and comics and mags and journals and EVERYTHING.

I started puzzling my way through the aisles, wandering through the maze in no particular order—picking a book off the shelf here, a graphic novel there. When I finally checked out, my backpack was stuffed precariously full of hardbacks, and I realized I would never be able to read them all. It was dead week, after all. Heck, with all the studying and school reading on my hands, I’d never get to any of these books!

Since then, I’ve tried saving personal reads for weekends. It never works. I always get caught up with school work, and never get a chance to read for my own pleasure.

What are your strategies for reading on your own time when you’re swamped with school stuff?

2 thoughts on “Swamped—Know The Feeling?

  1. When I was in the Navy, alone, with literally years ahead of me before I could even think about going home, it was books that sustained me. To be able to get away, go to another place, was what kept me from despair. And reading is what led me to writing. And writing is what I live to do now.

  2. Although I love physical books, I’ve turned to my nook to keep my book ready at all times, it will fit in any bag. I find time to read if I’m waiting for a teacher to start class, if I’m eating by myself, waiting for the streetcar, and I give myself a little time when I need a study break. It’s all about those little moments to fit it in. Instead of doing mindless things on my phone to fill a small waiting period, I read.

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