Lord Almighty, Summer Is Here At Last!

The heat wave is finally HERE!
It seems Portland has decided that the rainy days are over, and summer has found its way to us at last—past time, if you ask me.
Just a few days ago, I was feeling pretty down—I’m taking summer classes, and when it’s raining or overcast and you’re bussing to class during the summer (when you should rightfully be playing frisbee and sippin’ brews with friends), it’s kind of a bummer.
But now summer is undoubtedly here (hell, it’s 86 degrees!) and my frown has turned upside down. It doesn’t hurt that my roommates and I just bought a grill too. Class is always easier to attend when you know you’re coming home to sizzling patties, toasty buns, and some good ol’ iced lemonade. It’s true, I would rather be playing soccer or picking up a six pack at the store than going to class when it’s this nice out, but going to class when it’s sunny sure beats trekking to class through crappy June weather.
What have you been up to now that summer’s decided to show its face?





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