Missing: Summer Fun

Summer: the season of warm weather, tanning, outside sports, travel, beach trips, pool parties, BBQs… and sucky summer jobs. This summer I decided to “take it easy” and not have any obligations except for my two part-time summer jobs. As finals week neared the end and my regular responsibilities came to a close, I began to imagine in dream-like visions long sunny summer days with a constant stream of friends and fresh homemade dinners. I saw concerts, BLTs and popsicles, tango dancing every night, bike rides, and hiking in the gorge. I guess I also saw a glimpse of a few hours working here and there, but my ideal summer vision did not include more than a few hours of work a week; just enough to keep a steady flow of cash to fund my daily grind. In retrospect, I should have realized that you can’t make a ton of money and work hardly any hours at all at a seasonal minimum wage job.

I currently work upwards of 45-50 hours a week, sometimes working 14 hours a day. I’ve started to think: is this what working as an adult is like? –cause this is not fun. It feels like I’m busier now than I was during the school year with more responsibilities, and the stress level is equally high. But how can this be? Where is the summer?! There is at least some light in that I know I won’t have to do this forever, if only I can get through college…




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