Can’t Beat Mom’s Cookin’!

I forgot how good my mom’s cooking was.
My mom lives in Virginia, and as you (should) know, Virginia is a little ways away from Portland. So I don’t get to see her more than a few times a year. But when I do get to see her, I rediscover the meaning of a delicious home-cooked dinner.
I’m serious—Portland’s food doesn’t compare. And keep in mind, I really, really enjoy the food of Portland, even around PSU: we’ve got juicy burgers and tots to die for at Mcmenamin’s; we’ve got Mexican, traditional style (Loco-Locos) or fake/fast-food style (Chipotle); we’ve got East Side Deli if you’re in the mood for the biggest piece of animal and farm stuffed between two slices of bread in the world—and all that’s not even counting the amazing food carts we’ve got right off 4th.
But my mom’s cooking still tops them all. For example, tonight I had some awesome crazy sausage gumbo thing with apple-stuffed sausage and black beans, with avocado and arugula salad on the side, topped with lime, and a sweetened homemade glass of green tea on the side.
Can yo momma’s cookin’ top that?