Back to School (ALREADY!?)

School is almost here, but not quite yet.
So why am I suddenly so busy?!
I need to go get my books. I need to meet with my advisor and make sure I’m taking the right classes. I need to start working—my campus jobs are already almost in full swing. And I still need to dedicate some time to do nothing, or else I’ll be completely useless when I do anything else.
But at the same time, it feels kind of nice to be busy. I like having something to do again.
A month ago, I had sunken into my mom’s couch, crumbs of food littering my lap, petrified with boredom. I was writing about things that were probably just a waste of time, consuming myself into a vacuum, imploding with a case of home-for-the-summer-and-nothing-do-to. But now I’m back at PSU, writing about things that I care about, things that I’m being paid to write about.
It’s nice to know that my food coma, brought on by my mother’s delicious (and endless) home cooking, was only temporary. It’s good to be off that couch.
Besides, I’m sure my imprint on the cushion will still be there waiting for me whenever I’d like to return.





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