Gluten Free, GF, here, there, everywhere

Now that I live in Portland, it seems like every restaurant menu has clearly labeled GF items. Fort me, that’s great! Yes! Those are the best two combined letters in the world when it comes to food. See, I come from a line of celiacs and gluten intolerance, and I’ve also stepped back from wheat because it is highly overused. When you pack your body full of so much of one substance (not to mention the GMOs in wheat), you could grow an intolerance for it.

But I’ve never really ventured into the realm of trying to use substances for it when I cook or bake. I usually just eat my goodies on a rotation schedule (once every four days). This is the time it takes for substances to leave your body entirely. So, gosh darn it, this weekend was the weekend to try it out!

And… Here is my scrumptious Gluten-free Banana Bread! 

It was so good that I single-handedly ate an entire load in two days. So, this is round two, and you can obviously see that it is already being devoured.

For this recipe, I used soy flour. Cool thing: soy flour has 35 percent protein, and so it’s got a great extra punch for us vegetarians. Though CAUTION! When making the matter, resist licking the spoon. Soy flour is mealy and super nutty tasting, so it makes the unbaked batter disgusting. However, I found tout that after putting it is the oven, it somehow magically gets transformed into mouth-watering deliciousness.

Here is a link to the recipe! ­­