Resolutions… why wait?

By: Marilynn Sandoval

It’s a new year and everyone has their resolution chosen, what’s mine? My resolution is to never have a resolution but create changes throughout the year. We all seem to think that having a New Year’s resolution is finally going to get us to change those things we’ve been trying to change, but why wait until a new year? Let’s change these things as soon as possible. Create a better you, without all the wait of a new year.

If it’s the awkward “I don’t want to start on an odd day such as Wednesday” excuse, wait until a Monday rolls around or even the first day of the month but not a whole year. Changing something or pursuing something takes time and commitment. Although it may be hard to find that time, we need to realize that in the end this will have a positive impact in our life. I’ll admit that I am one who chooses to start on a Monday or first day of the month. It’s only because if I don’t, I feel all out of sorts.

Some common resolutions are to be healthier, work out more, lose weight and travel more. To complete these resolutions, start with a piggy bank. Save your change to buy organic foods and buy that gym membership you’ve been wanting. Having more money also leads to living that travel lifestyle you want.

So hurry up and get on it, and don’t wait for next year. Rome is waiting for you!






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