A bike?


By: Zaira Carranza

Portland State University is located in one of the most bicycle friendly cities in the world. Recently, I have been thinking about commuting by bike because I have learned how much it can benefit not only myself but also the environment. You gain money in your wallet, and lose inches off your waistline. If I’m willing to ride a bike instead of taking a car, it would mean that  there would be one less car on the road therefore,  less carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere, and we will end up a bit more healthier. Would you do the same to save your planet and your wallet?

One thought on “A bike?

  1. Hey Zaira Carranza,

    Commuting by bike is the greatest! There are so many advantages of riding a bike to school instead of driving a car. First there are the obvious advantages like saving money, gaining fitness, protecting the environment, and avoiding traffic but there are also many other awesome advantages. Commuting by bike can be a daily adventure. Whether you are riding straight to class or running errands bicycles lend a sense of freedom to any trip. Mix it up by changing routes, grabbing a doughnut, or joining a friend. Commuting by bike can be very relaxing. Traveling at a comfortable pace and enjoying the Portland sights is a great alternative to being intensely focused behind the wheel of a car. Enjoy the trip and not just the destination.

    Portland State University has a lot to offer in the way of bicycle commuting resources. The on-campus bike shop Bike Hub has lots of workshops & classes. They offer specific classes on the basics of commuting and year-round commuting.

    – Zach R.

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