Loose leaves

by Philip Hartman

A thought had arisen as rain lightly touched my jacket and I felt this relief as if the rain symbolizes more then jack it sucks, but that it’s fall a time of change.

Autumn is the season of change as we all know it, but for the most part we’re all scared to change internally and externally. We become wrapped up in the past and hold onto these identities sometimes suffocating ourselves in order to fit the image of who we’re. We become blinded and frozen in time protecting ourselves good or bad, but we never budge unless we either we awake or a life event happens that breaks the ice. When we finally break out of the cycle of fear of change we’re able to see more of life and what it offers. We’re all aiming for a dream trying to succeed in whatever way, but don’t loose yourself to the past. Keep moving forward and know you aren’t alone in this thing called life.






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