Pushing past my fears, I got my degree!

   By: Sara Kirkpatrick When I first applied to Portland State University, I remember the feeling of excitement I felt standing in line at the registrar.  Looking back, it was this excitement that masked the hard academic realities that awaited me. I quickly learned that academia is definitely not for the weak-minded or faint-hearted. I found myself continuously challenged in all aspects of my coursework, … Continue reading Pushing past my fears, I got my degree!

Who knew junior cluster courses could be this fun?

   By: Sara Kirkpatrick This Fall term, I’m wrapping up my Leading Social Change junior cluster, as I continue to give back to my community through the UNST 321 Learning in Action course. I have always enjoyed volunteering. From an early age, I was taught the importance of helping others. My mother showed me how to use my extroverted energy for the greater good; she would … Continue reading Who knew junior cluster courses could be this fun?

Women & Apologies

By: Sara Kirkpatrick  Did you know women have more connectability between the left and right brain? This biological skill has naturally armed women with the ultimate advantage of engaging both sides of the brain: the analytical left and the creative right brain — amazing! However, as this skill offers many social advantages, it also increases sensitivity to emotions and in turn creates an increased need … Continue reading Women & Apologies

Stress My New BFF

By: Sara Kirkpatrick  As college students, we struggle with stress on a daily basis, from weekly assignments, to midterms to final exams. Stress has become the annoying classmate sitting next to us in lectures, constantly demanding recognition and by default, holding us accountable for everything we could have done differently or better. I have always been submissive to stress’s ability to not only overpower me … Continue reading Stress My New BFF

Let’s be friends

By: Sara Kirkpatrick  Have you ever met someone and thought, “I would just love to be friends with this person?” However, before you could articulate “hello,” the fear of awkwardness and rejection stopped you. Even extroverts, such as myself, from time to time find it uncomfortable when having to initiate conversations with fellow classmates, and fall victim to the above line of thinking.  This is … Continue reading Let’s be friends

Hats off to pampering

  By: Sara Kirkpatrick  As students, we tend to wear an assortment of hats, each representing the variety of responsibilities we shoulder daily.  This includes student, leader, networker, teammate, organizer, employee, freelancer, etc.  Our list of responsibilities is ever increasing, as employer demands are constantly changing and the need for additional skills outside of traditional coursework is highly desired. In the midst of this evolving … Continue reading Hats off to pampering

I’ll take summer school anytime!

  By: Sara Kirkpatrick  If you’re like me, summer term is a perfect opportunity to soak up some sun and get one step closer to achieving the dream of wearing the Portland State University emerald green cap and gown in 2017. Summer at PSU is one of the most beautiful times of year to be on campus. Unlike other campuses, summer term at PSU isn’t a term … Continue reading I’ll take summer school anytime!