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8 responses to “House Rules”

  1. Andie proskus Avatar

    Hi my name is Andie Proskus!:) and I wanted to send an email into you guys! I am sure you probably haven’t received a message like the one I am going to send in, but hope this is okay! So my name is Andie, and I recently graduated from Beaverton High, I am 19 years old both learning disabled as well as physically! I have a progressive weakening muscle disease which limits my mobility! I have been following you guys and your blogs for a long time, and I think its wonderful what you guys do, and if I could be a student at PSU I would, however due to the fact I am in special education, I am not at college level work..barely high school level, however I do have a way with voicing my opinions and sharing my story in hopes to inspire others! While I am not a student at PSU and don’t have that opportunity to meet other college aged students, we just recently spoke to the person who is ahead of the music department at PSU and choir is a huge interest for me, for 10 years I was in the Portland Symphonic girl choir, and throughout high school I was in all 3 choirs at Bhs! Singing is what helps to keep me going through the many struggles I have got to face on a daily basis including a lot of hospital stays and treatments A lot of medical struggles! I was looking for a choir that perhaps would be of interest and help me to meet others as well! On Monday-Wed-Friday I am apart of the beaverton community transition program for those who graduated with a modified diploma and are on an IEP (Individual Education plan) they place us out in the community at different job sites, on the days I am not there I am at Beaverton High in the choir room volunteering and getting to sing a bit with everyone which is nice, I have known the choir teacher Mr. Brownell for the past 10 years, and apparently one of the directors for the choir at PSU has sung with Mr. Brownell before! I will be starting in the PSU university choir next Tuesday from 4-6pm and I feel this will give me a feel of what its like being at a collage, but also meeting others and continue with my passion! I was wondering if you guys have done an article or something on PSU teaming up with Mt. Hood Kiwanis camp before? Mt. Hood Kiwanis is a camp for those who have a disability its a week away up by Mt. Hood and they students from PSU as counselors, and I just attended this camp this past summer for the first time, and was so blessed to be pared up with someone who goes to PSU and is in her last year this year I believe, and she was an amazing counselor and its just an amazing experience, I got to do things I never thought Id be able to due to the fact of being in a wheelchair during most hours! But I got to do stream crossing, zip lining, swimming, horse back riding etc and I did everything to the best of my ability and got cheered on, it was just an amazing time and I can’t wait until next year. At this camp it makes us feel apart of something and we fit in, there is no being put down at this camp, such a warm friendly feel and I believe its very eye opening for many of the students at PSU!
    Anywho, this is probably fairly long enough but I was wondering if my story could be told in hopes to let others know my experience/my story and get my voice heard! I haven’t had that opportunity and I have tried so much with trying to get my voice heard, I hope you guys will be interested maybe in sharing or interviewing etc.. I just thought Id give this a try and message you guys!:) but also let you know how awesome I think you all are, this site is amazing and all the blogs are wonderful!
    I hope I can get a warm welcome to PSU when I come for choir!

    Thank you so much!
    -Andie Proskus

    1. PSU Chronicles Avatar

      Hi Andie. We’re glad you follow PSU Chronicles and are able to connect with PSU through Kiwanis camp and choir. How did your choir practice go? I hope you did receive a warm welcome. Please share your experiences through our social media sites such as Facebook (facebook.com/portlandstatefans). We are excited that PSU is making an impact in your life!

      Best regards,
      Julie Smith

  2. rioflorido Avatar

    What if I would like to write an article for the blog? How can I participate more?

    1. PSU Chronicles Avatar

      Rioflorido. If you are a PSU student, please email me a couple sample blog posts that are less than 250 words. We will potentially add more bloggers winter term.

      Julie Smith

  3. Imee Williams Avatar
    Imee Williams

    In my sophomore inquiry class we have proposed a solution plan to make PSU a more school spirited campus. We surveyed over 50 students and found a potential solution plan to hold an on-campus game day in the park blocks. We believe that your website is way to attract students about certain issues through social media! If it is possible, can any of the writers for this website put together a blog/vlog to promote this solution plan?

  4. Brigid Campbell Avatar
    Brigid Campbell


    I am a junior at Portland State and also the Student Brand Manager for Vita Coco Coconut Water. I think it would be awesome if you guys could blog about the benefits of Coconut Water! There is a line of Coco Cafe that is a shot of espresso with coconut water, which gets you hydrated with the extra kick you sometimes need being a college student. I can drop off some cases for you guys to try out! Let me know if you are interested! Thanks so much 🙂

  5. s takach Avatar
    s takach

    These blogs are pretty boring, If I was a blogger, I would write about things like PSU’s role in encouraging student debt, why campus cops with guns is scary as hell, parking garages being ripe for crime, and the experience of the nontraditional student. These blogs are kind of lame.

    1. s takach Avatar
      s takach

      Might as well write about coconut water. To be clear, I dislike the topics not necessarily the writing.

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