23 Things I’ve Learned in 23 Years 

By Claire Golden This is my last post for PSU Chronicles, and I’m going to miss being a blogger here. But since I’m not a student anymore, I couldn’t stay around forever. My life has changed so much since I started at PSU. I’ve been diagnosed with and treated for OCD, had my gallbladder removed, made some friends, lost other friends, came out as bi, … Continue reading 23 Things I’ve Learned in 23 Years 

5 Tips For Living It Up in a Tiny Living Space

By Claire Golden If you live in downtown Portland, you probably know the struggle: Housing is so expensive around here that a lot of us are crammed into a tiny living space. Lots of college students live in a dorm room, which is not exactly known for its spaciousness. In my own case, my fiancé and I share one small attic room, with my office … Continue reading 5 Tips For Living It Up in a Tiny Living Space

Five Common Misconceptions About Homeschoolers

by Claire Golden You belong at PSU no matter what your educational background is, traditionally-schooled and homeschooled students alike. I’m a proud homeschool graduate, and today I’d like to share five common misconceptions that I have encountered through the years. (Plus, a picture of me with one of my classmates.) Misconception #1: Homeschoolers are smarter than other students.  Nope, just because somebody is homeschooled doesn’t … Continue reading Five Common Misconceptions About Homeschoolers

The Rule of Three

By Claire Golden It’s no secret to anybody who knows me, even in passing, that I don’t like change. Whether it’s something big like moving, or something small like not having Thai food for dinner as planned, change feels disruptive and sudden to me. This is exacerbated by severe anxiety, which is notoriously triggered by disruptions to routine. However, change is unavoidable, and it isn’t … Continue reading The Rule of Three

My Favorite Books So Far This Year

By Claire Golden One of the pastimes that’s gotten me through quarantine is reading. Although I’ve always loved books, sometimes I need them more desperately than ever, and the past year of COVID-19 quarantine is a prime example of that. Since I can’t go anywhere until I’m fully vaccinated, I’ve been reading books to escape my attic room and go on adventures with the characters.  … Continue reading My Favorite Books So Far This Year

What The COVID-19 Test Is Really Like

By Claire Golden After scheduling an upcoming medical procedure, the doctor informed me that I would have to get tested for COVID-19 prior to going. My heart sank. I’ve never enjoyed going to the doctor. Well, nobody does, but for me it used to be a phobia that would lead to tears and panic attacks. I’ve come a long way and it doesn’t scare me … Continue reading What The COVID-19 Test Is Really Like