Life’s a Cabaret Part II

I dash through the theatre, only hobbling a little. My bright pink cane reflects the stage lights in a dizzy blur. I’m screaming obscenities, things so vulgar I’d never say them aloud usually.  A drunk audience member lurches into my path and nearly tips his drink on me. I roll my eyes.  I push past him and arrive at the back of the auditorium. I … Continue reading Life’s a Cabaret Part II

A Wild June

June was a big month in my household. The Clinton Street Cabaret’s Rocky Horror performance, something I have been involved with since I was eighteen, began again. My roommate finally got her gender confirmation surgery. I added a sweet new partner to my polycule. I graduated college with a bachelor’s degree and the first year of my master’s under my belt. My partner finally changed … Continue reading A Wild June

A Hard Lesson in Slowing Down

By Julien-Pierre “Johnny” Campbell Content warning: discussion of dental procedures, descriptions of physical pain, descriptions of my own emetophobia Recently, I got all four wisdom teeth pulled. While this is usually an unpleasant experience for anyone, it was made all the more difficult by two things: 1) my intense phobia of dentists and 2) the nasty reaction I had to the pain medication I was … Continue reading A Hard Lesson in Slowing Down

Quarantine TV Recs: Netflix

by Julien-Pierre “Johnny” Campbell I have never been much of a TV person. At the risk of sounding pretentious, I’m much more of a reader, a theatre/opera person, or a writer. I get very antsy sitting still, but books and the like occupy my mind decently. During quarantine, however, and at the behest of my fiancee, I’ve been sitting down and binge watching dozens of … Continue reading Quarantine TV Recs: Netflix