Feeling Helpless in a Time of Great Need

By: Anna Sobczyk One of the cornerstones of my job as a Resident Academic Mentor —programming—came to a complete standstill with COVID-19. Throughout the term, I normally put on programs that promote holistic wellness in order to achieve academic success. With its absence, I honestly feel like the rewarding aspect of my job has been ripped away. All of us in Housing have lost the … Continue reading Feeling Helpless in a Time of Great Need

Infectious Mononucleosis: An Absolute Nightmare

By: Anna Sobczyk This past Winter was the hardest term of my college career. I was sick from day one, and I perpetually seemed to be battling some type of cold. Being so sick so often was not normal for me at all, and deep down I felt like there was an underlying reason for it. In January, I went to SHAC three times in … Continue reading Infectious Mononucleosis: An Absolute Nightmare

A Self-Diagnosed Imposter

By: Anna Sobczyk Easily self-diagnosable, imposter syndrome consists of chronic self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy despite finding professional success. As a woman majoring in math, I’ve definitely faced these feelings throughout my college career. Slowly, I’m realizing that the only person I still need to convince that I deserve to be in STEM is myself. Throughout my life, I have placed constant pressure on myself … Continue reading A Self-Diagnosed Imposter

Scared of SHAC?

By: Anna Sobczyk Especially for those of us living on campus, the Center for Student Health and Counseling is an extremely convenient and reliable resource. Any student taking at least five credits is eligible for free SHAC office visits because we pay a Student Health Fee. Students can accomplish a lot with those free visits, such as get comprehensive STD screening, have blood drawn, and … Continue reading Scared of SHAC?

Move Over Netflix, I’m Reading Again

By: Anna Sobczyk After a long day of work, class, and homework, there’s nothing like coming home and pulling up Netflix. Without a doubt, mindlessly watching TV has been the number one way I decompress from an exhausting day. Lately, I’ve started to realize that TV isn’t necessarily the best way for me to quickly destress.  I was the biggest book worm back in high … Continue reading Move Over Netflix, I’m Reading Again