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  • Midterm pressure? Use the 5-minute rule

    Midterm pressure? Use the 5-minute rule

    By Wiwin Hartini I just realized it’s week five already and midterms are coming up and lab reports are due the same week. It seems as if a 24-hour day is not enough. I used to panic more as midterms got closer even though I tried not to. I felt as if everything was coming…

  • How was your break?

    How was your break?

    By Wiwin Hartini I would normally say, “It was great” like most of us do. But there are more details to it. I used to think that holidays are holidays, no school and that’s all. But a month of no school in college is something I am really grateful for, because this last holiday was…

  • Thoughts on the bus

    Thoughts on the bus

     By Wiwin Hartini 3:30 PM The sunlight passes through the bus’ windows making everyone’s afternoon more cheerful after a day of work or in my case, school. Riding buses with 20 other people has become my normal routine. This is my first bus of three.                     …