September Sunshine + Networking = Opportunities

  By: Sara Kirkpatrick  Let the countdown for the final days of summer break commence. It’s official. Fall term is almost upon us; how are you spending your last days being textbook free? If you’re a super planner like me, you’ve made a “final days of college freedom checklist,” which consists of: a binge-list of tv favorites on Netflix and HBOGO, dates with the friends … Continue reading September Sunshine + Networking = Opportunities

I’ll take summer school anytime!

  By: Sara Kirkpatrick  If you’re like me, summer term is a perfect opportunity to soak up some sun and get one step closer to achieving the dream of wearing the Portland State University emerald green cap and gown in 2017. Summer at PSU is one of the most beautiful times of year to be on campus. Unlike other campuses, summer term at PSU isn’t a term … Continue reading I’ll take summer school anytime!

Lead by Example

  By: Sara Kirkpatrick  As a Portland State student, how do you become a better leader? If you’re like me, you read a lot of books, troll Twitter for trending bloggers, and attend a few conferences. Recently, I’ve come to realize that one of the best ways to grow is to engage with other students. A few weeks ago, fellow PSU student Bertonitti Tayetto reached … Continue reading Lead by Example


  By: Sara Kirkpatrick  Just like you, I am one of 28,076 students currently enrolled at Portland State University. All of us are followed, liked, shared, and/or linked by millennial-driven platforms; each of which are working hard to promote our professional self image. As a career driven student, I allocate a majority of my time to the top business networking platform, LinkedIn. I am excited … Continue reading A NEW LINK TO THE JOB MARKET

“Please Hire Me.”

  By: Sara Kirkpatrick  Summer internship application deadlines for 2016 are rapidly coming to a close, and I still haven’t scheduled a single interview. However, I believe that I’ve dotted my i’s and crossed my t’s where necessary. I’ve updated my resume, wrote several personalized company cover letters, and I have even gone through great lengths to create a consistent presence for myself using an online portfolio. Although the … Continue reading “Please Hire Me.”

Coffee is to students, as textbooks are to classes.

  By: Sara Kirkpatrick  Our lives as college students are widely known for take-out meals, 10-page papers, all-nighters, epic parties, alcohol and, without a doubt, coffee — which must be served in mammoth-sized coffee cups! Here are Three reasons why every Portland State University college student must supplement their current academic curriculum with a coffee regiment: 1. As the saying might go, “when in Portland, … Continue reading Coffee is to students, as textbooks are to classes.

Where do you study best on campus?

By: Sara Kirkpatrick  For me, studying on campus consists of finding a cozy table in Smith Union, where I can set up my Mac and enjoy my favorite liquid inspiration: Chai Tea Latte. I have always positioned myself near a window in a somewhat noisy space. I am a visual learner, and now realize that I had been unconsciously exposing myself to unnecessary stresses and … Continue reading Where do you study best on campus?