KMC, home to PSU’s School of Business

Karl Miller Center is an iconic-world-class building, certified LEED Platinum for its sustainable design. Visitors are greeted to a stunning five-story all-glass atrium. Global classrooms are equipped with multiple video cameras and large monitors set up to broadcast class to students worldwide and give access to remote presenters. Continue reading KMC, home to PSU’s School of Business

Life’s a Cabaret Part II

I dash through the theatre, only hobbling a little. My bright pink cane reflects the stage lights in a dizzy blur. I’m screaming obscenities, things so vulgar I’d never say them aloud usually.  A drunk audience member lurches into my path and nearly tips his drink on me. I roll my eyes.  I push past him and arrive at the back of the auditorium. I … Continue reading Life’s a Cabaret Part II