PSU Rec Center

The Rec Center is a popular spot for students during the summer. It’s a place where they can workout, play sports, and socialize. The warm weather and bikini season is always a great motivator for people to get in shape. Although people usually go to the Rec Center for workout purposes, it’s also a place for students to socialize. Many students are swamped with school work and part-time jobs, leaving them with little time to get to know their peers. The Rec Center is a great place to get to know other students while staying active. There are many clubs you can join, from cricket to kickboxing and even medieval combat. ASRC members are also able to participate in a variety of sports leagues, tournaments, and events.

During the summer, students can stay cool from the sun by taking swimming lessons, swimming clinics, or kayak roll sessions. They also offer non-credit instructional courses like Standard First Aid and Lifeguard Challenge for those interested in aquatic safety. Besides offering informal team activities, the Rec Center also gives students the opportunity to explore Oregon with outdoor trips. Next week, a group of students are going on a weekend beach trip where they will enjoy an ocean view hike. The registration deadline for this event is July 6 so if you’re interested in taking a swim in the ocean or making sand castles, there’s still time!

In my experience, having the Rec Center has really encouraged me to exercise. It’s easily accessible since it’s on campus and we’re already paying for it in our tuition. It’s also a healthy alternative to hanging out with friends. Instead of going out for drinks or fatty food, think about going to the Rec Center with a friend to make the workout easier and more enjoyable. Whether you want to relax in yoga class or burn carbs on a treadmill, the Rec Center has a lot to offer students and is worth stopping by and taking a look.

Do you use the Rec Center? What are your experiences?

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