What’s Hot and What’s Not

Lately, I’ve been on the hunt for some good hot spots to kick back and chill with friends, so I decided to ask PSU students where they like to hang out. The main responses I got were Rogue Hall, McMenamins Street Pub and Henry’s Tavern.

I wasn’t surprised to hear that many students frequent Rogue since it’s located on campus. I hadn’t been there since it was Paccini, so I was excited to try it and see what changes were made. In all honesty, it still looks and feels like Paccini, with the exception of the beer. I like the ambiance, but I was bummed they didn’t have a cocktail menu. The service was OK, and the food was what you would expect from a bar. Overall, I give it 3 stars. *Heads up to minors: They scan your ID at Rogue, so don’t walk in with a fake.

The best service that I experienced was probably at McMenamins. The staff was friendly and got my order right away. However, the environment was less than mediocre. The energy seemed pretty low and the lighting was extremely dim. Nonetheless, it’s well-located, I enjoyed the food and drinks and they have good happy hour prices, so I have to give it 3.5 stars.

My favorite was Henry’s. Although it’s not located as close to campus, it’s worth the trip. It’s a great walk if you want to explore the Pearl, but if not, there’s always the streetcar. I really liked the atmosphere. It’s a perfect compromise between a bar and restaurant. The food was really good, and they have a huge drink selection. The place get’s pretty full during happy hour, so try and get there before 3 p.m. Overall, I had a great time there, so I’m giving Henry’s 5 stars.

Hot spots I frequent:
Blitz Pearl- Good place to kick back, watch a game and play pool. Sports bar in the basement.
Candy Burger bar and Bistro- Think “Sex and the City” vibe. Good drinks and appetizers.
Ground Kontrol- If you’re looking to have some fun at a cool arcade.

What do you think about these places? What other hot spots would you recommend?