Oven Magic

Learning about new tools often makes us feel like we have opened the door to a new world. Before coming to America, I was excited to learn how to use an oven. In Japan, an oven is not a common kitchen appliance. Many Japanese houses probably have fish grills, which are broilers.

I was scared when I first saw an American oven. It reminded me of some western horror movies in which some characters died by having their head put into an oven. When the oven was on, I was even more scared. It was unbelievably hot, and I burned my arm by touching the inside panel.

However, as time went by, my fear of the oven started to disappear, and was replaced by an interest in cooking with an oven. I started by cooking a frozen pizza. I read the instructions on the side of the pizza box very carefully, and stood in front of the oven until it was done. I will never forget the taste of the first pizza I baked in an oven.

My next project is to cook a roast turkey for Thanksgiving. I am thinking I will buy a stuffed turkey, and ask my American friend to help me with cooking it. When it is a big success, I can proudly report to my family in Japan that I can cook roast turkey just like other Americans.





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