International Students Halloween Party

Halloween is unique American holiday, so I invited all my international friends and my American friends to a campus Halloween party put on by the Organization of International Students and the Intensive English Language Program.

I thought that it will be a great opportunity to experience American culture for the international students and to expose American students to international culture.
The Halloween party was Friday at the Smith Memorial Student Union. It was a success, with more than 300 students, electronic music, mood lighting, free pizza and costumes. We enjoyed the party and all of the interesting costumes that included traditional dress from India, Japan and other countries. 

My American friends told me that they thought the costumes were more creative than what they usually see in American Halloween costume party. It was a different celebration for international students, which was fun to see. My international friends said that it was most interesting event that they’ve experienced since they have been in the United States, and they will miss Halloween  when they go back to their country.

I was glad to see all of my friends enjoy the party and express their personalities through their  costumes. I would like to introduce a carving pumpkin event for my international friends next year. It is always fun to experience new cultural traditionas. Have you ever exposed different holidays than your country? If you have had, what kind of holiday was it?





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