Learn a second language

How to learn and study English is a major issue for international
students. I have lived in the United States for five years, and I see
an improvement in myself, but I also encounter a new expression or
vocabulary word every day.
I have studied reading, listening, writing, and speaking in class.
I am sure that these classes helped me learn English. However, the
best motivation was having friends who speak English. I remember that
I wanted to talk with my friends, so I looked up a dialogue from a
book.  Before I wrote an e-mail, I checked grammar on a website. It
was fun, and I felt achievement. I have met American students who
learn a second language, and I was impressed at the level of their
speaking relative to how long they have studied the language.  I
wonder what the secret of learning language is.  Do you speak a second
language? What are your tips of studying the language?





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