Fashion in Portlandia

Having moved here from Southern California, I immediately noticed a difference in fashion. SoCal is all about boho-chic, with braided headbands, shorts, flowy tops and sandals. This fashion trend spans nearly year-round there, while we only see peeks of it here in Portland during the summer. When I first moved to Gresham, I was surprised to see how many students were going to school in hoodies and sweatpants with Ugg knockoffs. It seemed too casual, but I embraced it as much as my mind would let me.

Then I started attending PSU and saw a whole different style I hadn’t been exposed to. It has a casual hipster-chic vibe that can include thick rimmed glasses, black leggings, plaid shirts, oversized cardigans, knit hats and an assortment of warm footwear. Even rain boots and umbrellas are a fashion accessory here in Portland. Although the weather affects our choices in apparel, it’s just one of many elements contributing to the NW trend.

L.A. was all about the brands, but since I’ve been in Portland, I’ve never seen so many people shop at vintage thrift shops. Name brand or not, it’ll get sold. Whether it’s different opinions about mainstream consumerism or a difference in climate, it’s clear that Portland has established a fashion style all its own.

What do you think about Portland fashion/trends?






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