Explore the Eastside

I live in Northeast Portland, and I love it. Sure, it takes me 25 minutes to bike to campus, and I can’t roll out of bed right before class starts, but for me, there is no better quadrant. I know some of you agree with me, but for those who doubt the awesomeness of the Eastside, let me tell you a little about it and maybe you’ll be more inclined to stretch your Portland horizons.

If you take a short trip over a bridge (there are plenty to choose from, so don’t be shy) the first thing you may notice is that it feels more spacious. There are few tall buildings, and you’re never far from a park. You might also notice a sudden change of pace; things are just a little slower over here and a little quieter. When I go out for a walk through my neighborhood, I pass by kids playing in their yards and people walking their dogs. It’s rare that I hear a horn honk. On warm nights, I sleep with my window open and hear crickets and the wind rustling through the trees.

If I’ve had enough of the peace and quiet and I want to be where the action is, I just hop on my bike and ride over to Alberta or Hawthorne or Belmont or Mississippi. There are tons of places to shop, drink and eat, and in my experience, it’s a bit cheaper over here. One of my favorite Eastside things to do is go to a theater pub (I’m partial to the Laurelhurst Theater on East Burnside and 28th).

Fellow Eastsiders, what are some of your favorite things about this side of the Willamette?

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