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Hi, I’m Atziri and I’m addicted to Pinterest.

We all know that Pinterest has grown bigger than Kanye West’s ego, but what is this site about? Well, it’s a website that allows users to create and manage thematic boards filled with random things they like. I acknowledge the fact that Pinterest has gotten a rep for being a “chick” site, but I think there’s something in it for everyone. It’s also become quite addictive to many users, including myself. I spend more time on Pinterest than I do on Facebook and Twitter combined.

Pinterest is like playing “I spy” and pinning all the cool things you see. There is a never-ending inventory of images from food to travel, fitness, fashion, crafts… and the list goes on. Like, repin, or comment— the choice is yours. I personally focus on fashion, as I’m sure many women do. It’s a great place to keep up with new trends like high-low hemlines, color blocking, exposed zippers, and cut outs. Whether your style is Katy Perry neon, Lauren Conrad chic, or Mrs. Doubtfire vintage, you’ll find something to pin to your unique board.

Do you have a Pinterest account? What do you like about it? Should more men follow this site?

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