Do you like singing Karaoke, or do you have a friend who loves Karaoke? People ask me if I like to sing Karaoke, and I always answered that while I liked singing it in Japan, I don’t really like it here in the United States. Here is why.

Until 20 years ago, Karaoke in Japan was the same as here. People sang their favorite songs at a bar in front of people who they may or may not know. But these days, Karaoke in Japan means singing in “Karaoke Boxes,” which are private rooms where you gather with friends and family. The Karaoke Box is a common type of establishment, and consists of 10 to 20 separate rooms, usually rented out hourly, as well as a public karaoke bar area in the front. Each room contains Karaoke equipment and a phone for ordering drinks and food. This is the kind of Karaoke that I like.

I enjoyed singing songs with friends and family because we normally had songs in common that were connected to memories. Or we could share songs that we thought a friend might like. I could even practice new songs at Karaoke boxes because no one cared about how good you were. It was fun and comfortable. However, I am very afraid to go to a Karaoke bar here in the U.S. I’ve never sang a song in front of people I don’t know.  At the same time, I am interested in having new experiences in America, so maybe you can help me out. I want to be pretty good at a song before I perform, but how do people practice new songs here? Do you sing at your house several times before going to a Karaoke bar? Let me know if you have a good way for me to overcome my embarrassment, and then maybe I could be convinced to try it out.





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