Technological distractions!

We live in a complex world. Nothing is simple anymore! I remember seeing a note once that said, “Life was much easier when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits!” And I agree. We are so caught up in this “web” of technology that it has become hard to connect with people anymore, and asking for help is nearly impossible. I am sure you know what I mean: you are lost, asking for directions, and the person you ask begins nodding his head as if he is drunk, that is because he is plugged into his iPod or Mp3 Player!

I have nothing against technology, and I think that without technology we would not be where we are today, but we also have to be careful and more sensitive with the way we use technology. These machines all around us are made to work for us, not against us! Do we ever wonder what happened to the days when we used to spend time with people, not chatting online, but sitting across each other! Nowadays, if we look at our lives more closely, yes, we are more connected globally but more isolated socially especially from our family and friends. All some people have is Facebook friends, but are they all really friends or photos with names?

We all agree that technology is supposed to make our lives easier, but is it? (Or how about that kid who recently sold his kidney to buy an iPad and iPhone?)