Top five things to know at PSU

As I wrap up my senior year, I thought I’d gather a list of things incoming freshmen should know that I wish someone had told me, so pay attention class of 2016.

1. PSU offers 2 credit weekend classes. These are great to take because the credits add up, they are generally upper division, and fairly easy. However, make sure you don’t take them the weekend before midterms or finals because it will get in the way of your study time and just add stress. Consider taking one when there are holidays that extend the weekend, that way you get a day to rest and catch up on homework.

2. Tuition is usually due the second week of the term. However, I’ve come to realize that you can pay your tuition any time until the last day of the term without any fees added. It’s not until after the last day of the term that you get a $100 penalty.

3. Sign up for classes ASAP! First, look at the classes that will be available next term ahead of registering that way you have it fairly planned out. The class list is usually available by mid-term. Then find out when you’re allowed to register for classes. Log on at 8 am the day of and sign up.

4. Remember that Pass/No Pass is an option for several classes. Look for it on the class list. You’re able to change your grade option reasonably far into the term, so if you’re considering withdrawing or retaking a class, think twice about your options.

5. Save money on textbooks. I didn’t know any better my freshmen year and bought all my books new and full priced at the PSU Bookstore. Nowadays, you can rent used books at the PSU Bookstore, but do so ahead of time before they run out. The Campus Bookstore on 6th Ave. is also a cheap alternative. is a great online option to buy inexpensive new/used books and college students get free 2-day shipping. There are also several websites that rent books like if you’re not interested in keeping the book.

4 thoughts on “Top five things to know at PSU

  1. This will only work when you still have the financial aid quota left ( not yet reach the maximum aid ceiling). 🙂

  2. Be careful with Pass/No Pass options. There is a limit to the number of credits that can be graded as a “P” and most, if not all, majors require those classes to be taken as a letter grade!

  3. That’s actually not true.
    Tuition is essentially due the on the 10th (with a five day grace period) on the month the term begins. Example: Fall (due October 10th, Winter due Feb. 10th etc.)

    If you don’t pay your tuition at that point on the 18th of the month you get charged 1% interest of your total account balance (ex. you owe $8, get charged $80)

    As well as a $10 billing fee.

    It is true about the $100 late fee. Basically, if you wait to pay you will incur some minor charges but it is most important to pay before the last day of finals week. So there you have it! hope this helps to anyone who reads it! =)

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